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AccessThere are an exploding quantity of nude sites all over the world.
Steadily more are basing themselves on amateur content, whereby regular housewifes etc upload their bits free, for free viewing.
However, this is a system whereby steadily more are dropping out, and going over to VideoChat types of flashing, so as to earn something from their exhibitionist ways.
The problem with this is general quality. Whilst this is fun, the image quality is often crap, and many models etc prefer the glamour and glitzy images only possible through professional photographers, where it be still images or video.
As steadily more publications are going under, it gives rise to paid access possibilities through the net.

On this site, each model can update his or her password, on a monthly basis, and accordingly attempt to keep your attention to them.
He/she can upload photos or videos directly, and the items available are password protected.
To gain access to the files, the reader must have the password, which costs kr 50,- + tax (total kr 62,50,-) pr month.

This way the model gets paid for quality work, and you get quality images.
Oh sure, we will steadily be uploading stacks of free stuff too.
The following list is for passwords to the galleries available, and will get regularly updated according to when additions are made.

The password costs kr 62.50,- for one month and is available here:

Katja - Softcore
Ariel - Softcore
Nina - Softcore
Miriam - Softcore


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